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Transportation & Maintenance

Last Updated: 9/8/2020 8:13 PM



Located in Medina County, Ohio, the Highland Local School District serves over 3,300 students across 78 square miles from several townships including Hinckley, Granger, Sharon, Montville, Medina, Brunswick Hills and Wadsworth. 

Additional Safety Precautions for the 2020-21 School Year
Additional safety precautions will be taken on all Highland school buses for the 2020-21 school year.  

  • Face masks will be required for all bus drivers and students
  • Use of assigned seating
  • Automatic hand sanitizer mounted on each bus
  • Daily bus disinfecting
  • Students will only be permitted to ride their assigned bus. If a change is needed due to childcare, parents must complete the required FORMPlease note, any change will take 72 hours to process. Students will not be permitted to ride other buses for the purpose of visiting friends. 

We also ask that parents perform a wellness check on their child(ren) prior to boarding the bus in the morning. If not feeling well, we ask that you do not send your student to school. 

Any questions regarding bus routes or other transportation information, please call (330) 239-1901, ext. 1219. Thank you for your cooperation.

MCCC Schedule When Highland Schools Not In Session
The following transportation schedule applies to those Highland students attending the Medina County Career Center (2020-21 school year), on days when the Highland School District is not in session.

  • Pick-up at Sharon Elementary – 7:10 AM
  • Pick-up at Highland High School (upper level) – 7:20 AM
  • Pick-up at Hinckley Elementary – 7:30 AM

Drop off times will be as follows:

  • Hinckley Elementary – 2:30 PM
  • Highland High School (upper level) – 2:40 PM
  • Sharon Elementary – 2:50 PM