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COVID-19 Dashboard

Last Updated: 1/3/2021 6:40 PM

Governor DeWine and the Ohio Department of Health’s executive order that requires K-12 school districts to implement a COVID-19 Reporting System in now in effect. On September 17, a public dashboard will be published on the state’s website ( that will include the number of diagnosed cases of COVID-19 in both staff and students per school district in each county.  The dashboard will include cases both newly reported in the previous week and cumulative cases from September 8 forward. 

The order states that if a student is diagnosed with COVID-19, the parent/guardian should notify their child's school within 24-hours (or sooner) of receiving a positive test or clinical diagnosis. 

  • The parent (and/or/with the school nurse) will complete and submit the COVID-19 Reporting Form (STUDENT) found below. 
  • This information will be sent to the Health Department.   

Written notification of the positive case will be sent to staff, parents and guardians of all students who specifically shared a classroom space or participated in a school activity while the positive case could have been infectious. Notification will also be provided to all staff, parents and guardians of students in the whole school building notifying them of the positive test result. (Specific names of students or staff will never be shared in these notices due to applicable HIPAA and FERPA laws). The Health Department will activate their protocols, conduct contact tracing and place anyone who meets the CDC criteria into quarantine.

The Medina County Health Department Commissioner, Krista Wasowski, specifically stated, “Contrary to some questions and rumors we have heard, a positive case does not automatically mean an entire class will be quarantined. Our goal is to not quarantine people unnecessarily, but it is our job to do our best to determine who could have been exposed and quickly separate them from potentially exposing others.” 

A COVID-19 Dashboard is also located below and will be updated weekly.